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The A.I. Companion That You've Been Waiting For! 

Talk with A.I. and have real
in real-time


We're building.... digital humans.

Digital Humans. Plural.

We know you'll find one or more of our AIVitars that will suite your personality and be a perfect match to become your next best friend or personal assistant.

.... and there's more being created soon

We've all wanted the future where you could have a personal assistant or companion that was always there for you. Someone that could help you, do things for you ....and more.

Now that future is a reality with AIVitar - AI Digital People.

With crisp realistic graphics and the ability to literally talk to them like a person you're in for a new experience unparalleled to anything you've seen before all within your pocket.

These digital people have unique backgrounds, don't wear the same thing every day or even stay in the same location! They're out living their best lives but when you need them, they're there for you - just open your app to talk to one of them.

Meet The AIVitars

Packed with Personality...

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-29-07

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-29-07





Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-28-37

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-28-37

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-36-40

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-36-40

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-32-33

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-32-33

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-29-47

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-29-47



Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-36-59

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-36-59

....loaded with features.

All with...

different personalities, locations, outfits, backgrounds and stories to tell you

...basically all living different "lives"


This is going to change everything.

"This app is going to revolutionize the way we interact with artificial Intelligence. It has became a great friend and helps me get more done"

- Probably what you will say after trying it for awhile

Play Me

Terms and conditions apply


But's worth a try. Checkout all the features.


Screenshot from 2023-05-06 01-36-40.png

Video Interactions

Converse face-to-face with your AIVitars in real-time

Over 54 Languages Supported

Real-time Interactions

Hyper-realistic visuals

Repeat Last Response


Re-Ask Last Question


Maps Integration

We have BIG plans for location-based interactions that have never been done before.

Location-based intelligence

Ask for Directions

Real-time notifications and more!


Send and Receive Messages to you AIVitars

When it's too loud to talk or you don't want people listening in.

Click to speak or re-speak


Click to copy responses


Click to Email responses


No SMS service required

Screenshot from 2023-06-05 16-24-28.png
Screenshot from 2023-06-05 16-24-45.png

Coding Assistance

Want to ask coding or programming related questions? Get responses with code whether you're messaging or the video chat feature

Can help answer coding related questions or provide examples

Syntax highlighting enables you to see the code formatted like you're in an IDE

Easily email or copy code snippets for use elsewhere.

Productivity Built-in

We're building in the tools you need to stay productive and help you in your daily routines.

To-do list

"Add buy milk to my to-do list"

Add notes by typing or simply by asking your AIVitar assistant to add it

"I have added buy milk to your to-do list"


The future is now and it's...

Serious. Impressive. Revolutionary.

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