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Leveraging AI to Generate Custom Content (Video, Books, Articles) Will Become The Norm.

Have you ever read a great book that really drew you in? What about watching a video that seemed to hit differently than the rest?

The content can be the same but the impact of different content we consume can vary even if done on the exact same topics.

I believe that with artificial intelligence, we'll soon see a future where the information we consume (whether it's news, video, articles and everything else ) will be generated in near real-time for us...... personally.

What makes me believe this was an experiment I did where I created a system that would generate books leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

I gave the synopsis of the book and even the "flow' of the book and what I wanted the takeaways to be for the user. Even down to what chapters to include in addition to the generated chapters.

Within an hour of writing this recursive code and providing the synopsis to the system, the AI then gave my book a title and listed out the chapters it would contain and the length in pages of each chapter.

The automated system then took the chapters, summary and started creating the book. I fed it page 1 to create page 2 and so on until the book was generated.

I soon had a 400+ page book on the subject that cost me less than $6 to create and those costs will be going down over time and with the advancements of the AI Models increasing, they will just be getting better and better.

I will likely open source this code at some point on my github for others or maybe as a perk here for members.

Overall, the book was actually really great! It was one of the best pieces that I've read on the subject. I even learned from generated book but more importantly, I felt drawn into the writing of the book.

Similarly, have you seen the "Fake" podcasts generated with guest that never existed? I'm talking about the talk with Sam Altman the CEO of Open AI and Joe Rogan. The talk was 100% AI Generated (content and AI learned and generated voices to match) was also an eye opener to this new paradigm of AI Generated Content. After all, Joe Rogan has never (since the time of this writing) interviewed Sam Altman. It was an interesting talk as well and very well done.

The realization hit me from all of what I've seen from the book I generated to the podcast that the future of the content we consume won't be limited to the books, articles and even videos that are being generated today for the masses. They will take another course where the content can and will be generated specifically for you.

A.I. will get to know each of us individually and we'll be able to conjure content made specifically for us.

We will be able to tell A.I. what we want, what format we want it in (video, book, article etc.) and it will soon be able to do that for you personally.

We'll be less reliant on consuming new content from content creators and will be able to create many new pieces of information and content about our favorite subjects with an unlimited supply of the content we're currently wanting to consume.

It will be important that the AI models we're using are accurate and not contain biases and hallucinations (fake information).

I see that the use of content creators will likely become less and less important and the systems or code to provide generated content more important.

The Dark Side Of The Equation

There's also an evil outcome potential here. The flip-side of this, that hopefully most are already aware of, is that custom generated content will allow a targeted approach for swaying the thoughts and opinions of the masses. This, likely already in full effect and has been for years.

They already have a tremendous amount of information on us and target us with their ads for an assortment of reasons.

I'm an optimist though and believe that we can do better to provide the platforms or code to generate the media for us individually and can likely be safer than the current platforms that exist today where many find their information and content.

It might be important moving forward to provide open source models and platforms that can generate this content for us which would safeguard us from falling victim to such manipulations.

At the end of the day, good AI will be the cure for the fight against malicious AI targeting and systems that want to limit our free thought and control.

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