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New Feature: Response Length

app screen with new response button
Here's where you can find the new Response Length Toggle

Sometimes you just want simple responses when you're asking questions. Before this feature, whenever you're looking for simple responses the AIVitars would dump out two or three paragraphs of information at times when you're expecting only 1 or 2 sentences. While you can always "terminate" the AIVitar's current output by pressing the Microphone button (illuminated in red on the bottom right of the screen), this provides a better alternative of simple responses for our users.

Although not the best approach for every use-case, the new minimal responses do have their place. There are definitely a few reasons you might not want to use minimal responses for certain interactions. For instance, asking for long summaries of information .

Certain long-length required responses under minimal response conditions might return fragmented results.

You'll probably figure out when and where to use the minimal or normal response variation through use though.

Highlighting where on the screen to repeat questions
Repeat Question Button

And with the repeat last question button, you can always switch to the regular response length and easily re-ask the last question if the minimal response wasn't sufficient for your usecase.

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